Math Workshop Teacher Tips

Have I mentioned lately how much I love math workshop? I'm sitting here looking through my math games and centers and thinking how different teaching math used to be. Math games were relegated to the little bits of free time I could carve out of our day. But when you follow a workshop model, the kids gets plenty of hands-on practice using games and activities. Plus, you get the benefit of working with your students in small groups. There's really no better way to teach math. 

So today, I am really excited to share with you an awesome free e-book full of tips, ideas, and resources for starting math workshop in your classroom! I was invited to collaborate on this project by Literacy Loves Company and I think it turned out great.

To get your free copy, just click on the cover picture above. I'm still setting up my classroom for the new school year, but once it's ready, I'll be posting some pictures of my math centers and rotation chart. So be sure to come back...

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