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Why TeacherTimesTwo?

Being a teacher is more than just working in a classroom all day. In fact, all of us play the role of teacher at various times throughout life.  I chose the name TeacherTimesTwo for my blog because I feel that it truly reflects what I do both at work and at home. I am a teacher by trade and a teacher through motherhood.

After settling on this name for my new blog, I realized it holds even more significance for me. First, my life as a teacher evolved from homeschooling my children to working in a public school. Now in that role, I co-teach with another wonderful educator. We share a great group of enthusiastic learners and our students can honestly say they have a Teacher Times Two! 

Who am I?

Besides being a teacher and a mom, I am a...

I live on a little 5-acre farm with my family which includes...

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me!


  1. Janet I swear that word collage above could be mine, minus the Florida Native part. :) I try to do things like garden and cook but I just never have enough time.

    1. Well you have a good reason with your little one and going to college. My kids are 5th grade and high school, so I really don't have a good excuse! Maybe you and I can be cooking accountability partners this year LOL

  2. Janet I came to your blog via your store. I am AMAZED at the amount of products in your store and the quality! You go!

    I wanted to mention on your store profile page you have a typo on your blog link. It says "teacherstimestwo" (plural). I figured it out taking out the extra s after teacher, but I just wanted you to know!

    I would love to learn more about your homeschooling too. I have two children who are going back to school next year. I'm good with this but just hoping the transition goes smoothly. My email is cljjs at yahoo dot com if you didn't mind me picking your brain. If you do, no worries! Thanks Leslie (PPPandmore)

  3. Wow! You are so AMAZING! You make it all look so easy! I bet your students and co-workers love you! I want to pick your brain about the virtual field trips. I bet that was a blast! Thanks for inspiring us all. LOVE YOUR STUFF! Thanks, KJWHITE


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