Build A Snowman

I've been looking online for some fun (yet educational) activities to get us through Crazy Week. There's nothing worse than running out of things to do the week before winter break. Down Time = Wild Children. No thank you!

So I came across this little online math game:

It's starts with an empty space where the snowman is. Players are presented with a story problem and they have to determine which operation they would use to solve it. If the correct answer is selected, part of the snowman appears. They keep playing until the snowman is complete. Cute, huh? 


12 Days of Christmas Mystery Markdown!

Only twelve more days until Christmas and four more days of school! This month is just flying by. To get in the holiday spirit, I'm hosting a 12 Days of Christmas Mystery Markdown.

Visit my TpT store every day until Christmas to find a great teaching resource marked down as much as 70%. I'm not going to tell you what the deal of the day is... You have to snoop around to find it! Have fun!


Fa-La-La Freebies

I'm linking up with Primary Powers to bring you some awesome holiday freebies! We all know how hard the days leading up to winter break can be. The kids are all n-u-t-t-y, right? Here are a few fun activities to keep them learning despite the Christmas Crazies.

This is a writing activity for targeted towards primary grades. Santa's reindeer are on strike. Students will think of another animal that can take their place pulling Santa's sleigh. A Venn diagram is included to compare and contrast the two animals as well as a graphic organizer for planning a persuasive writing piece. Your students will then write a persuasive letter to Santa using the included letter writing template. Just click the picture to download from my TpT store.

This freebie is a hands-on math center to help students practice sorting odd and even numbers. Just choose a cookie and decide which cookie sheet it belongs on - odd or even? This activity focuses on two-digit numbers.

This activity is just plain fun! Students decorate the Christmas tree based on their answers about themselves. Once complete, the tree pictures make a cute holiday bulletin board or window display.

I hope you enjoy these freebies and have a stress-free, not-too-crazy last few days of school! Be sure to click the linky button at the top to find more holiday goodies for your class.

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