Classroom: 2015-16

It's the start of another school year! The classrooms at my school underwent some major renovations over the summer... new walls, new ceilings, and new workrooms. Instead of getting in a week early to set up, we had to wait for final inspection just three days before the kids showed up. Here is what my room looked like when I arrived for pre-planning...

And here is is today...

I'm pretty happy with how it looks considering I threw it together in three days! I switched from desks to tables this year. We'll see how that goes. I thought it would be better for labs, group work, and sharing manipulatives. I've got a class full of TALKERS though.... sigh.


  1. Wow!! Looks great! I'm curious to hear how you like the tables. I am still hanging onto my desks. I also got a group of talkers this year - double sigh.

  2. Hi Janet,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and participating in my linky party!

    I am always amazed by the way teachers are able to transform their learning spaces at the beginning of each school year. Creating spaces that are creative, engaging, calming, and conducive to learning is not easy - it really is its own art form!




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