A Few of My Favorite... School Day Snacks

You know how it is... it's snack time, you're passing out the cookies or goldfish or pretzels and somehow half of them end up in your mouth. Or maybe it's someone's birthday and that big plate of cupcakes is just calling your name, right? It's tough being a teacher! I mean how are we supposed to keep our girlish (or guyish) figures with all of that going on right under our noses?

Well for this month's Favorite Things Linky, I'm going to share my three favorite teacher snacks. Now only one of these is particularly healthy, but they are all a whole lot better than a big, sugary store-bought cupcake. So, on with the list...

I know a clementine isn't breaking news, but they are in season right now and fit easily in your purse or desk drawer. You don't have to refrigerate them or use a fork, spoon, or knife. Heck, you can even eat three or four of them and not put much of a dent in your calorie count for the day (They're only about 35 calories each). Plus they're sweet which shoots them right to the top of the awesome snack list!

Everyone has had Ghirardelli chocolate, right? But what about the dark sea salt variety? I'm not one of those salty snackers. I rarely crave salt and I looooooooove chocolate. So what's with the salt here? Well these little squares are pretty intense and the touch of salt balances it out perfectly. I can normally stuff my face with chocolate and I would NEVER suggest eating only one piece of candy, but these are so chocolately that one is just enough.

Now for my numero uno school day snack... this is absolutely shocking.... Snapea Crisps. What the heck?!! Okay, this is going to sound slightly crazy but imagine a puffy little green thing with the texture of a cheese doodle. These are actually made out of peas. Yeah, I said it... peas! They are salty and crispy and puffy and addicting! (They don't really taste like peas.) I like the plain salty ones but my favorite flavor is the Wasabi Ranch. Oooooooh, they are good! A little bit salty, a little bit hot, yum! I know what you're thinking... hot, salty, crunchy peas? YES! I even let one of my reading groups try them the other day because they were so fascinated by the little green pods and they loved them too. So far I've only found this flavor at Target or on Amazon but I'm sure they must be available in other stores. Go find some!

So those are my top three favorite snacks for school days. Now hop on over to The Teaching Trio for more Favorite Things!


  1. OMG...I could use some of that chocolate now! Are you sure one would be enough? Ha! Thanks for linking up with us.
    Tech Crazy Teazher

    1. It's hard to believe, isn't it? I'm the biggest chocolate fiend on the planet and I can actually stop after one of those lol.

  2. Oh I love Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with sea salt - it is one of my favorite treats - and you are absolutely right: One of those little gems truly is satisfying!
    :o) Pam

  3. We have been going through clementines like candy! The chocolate looks awesome too!

    1. Well I think you deserve some real candy now as a reward for all your healthy snacking! lol

    2. One is never enough when it comes to chocolate!!! LOL

  4. I love, love, LOVE chocolate. I'll have to try one of these!

    Miss Tina's PreK


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