School Day Preppers Part 2

Last week I laid out my back-to-school plans. Let's see how I did with that...
  • HORSE Folders - half done
  • Back to School Letter - half done
  • Nails - CHECK
  • Freezer Meals - fail
  • Meet the Teacher posters - CHECK
Okay, not too impressive. I think I do better when time's almost up, so this week should really be stellar for me! Here's my new to-do list...

CENTER FOLDERS - I found this idea on Pinterest and it's brilliant! I get so frustrated with my students' center folders. They are always such a mess, crammed with papers - some finished, some not. So I'm going to make these folders so they can have finished work in the front and unfinished in the back. Nice and orderly...YES! 

To make these little gems, you take a standard paper pocket folder without prongs. Fold it inside-out and hole punch the open edges. Then, fasten it inside a second folder that does have prongs. Isn't that insanely smart? 

PENCILS - This is another Pinterest find. I figure if I just use other people's ideas, it'll save me a lot of effort. I have tried SO MANY pencil management techniques and they never work out the way I envisioned. Why can't 7 and 8-year olds keep track of their pencils? The floor can be littered with them and my kids will still say they can't find a pencil. This idea is going to solve that... I just know it! The last one left with their pencil is the winner...of something. 

READ - I have very little relaxation time left; 9 days to be exact. I really have to get some "me time" in (I hate that phrase, but whatever). This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE book!! I'm not actually a Ken Follett fan. His usual offerings aren't my type of book. In fact, I don't generally like fiction that much. However, this book is divine. It's actually the sequel to Pillars of the Earth which I loved as well. But I read this one first (which you can do since each book can stand on its own) and I think it was slightly better. I don't want to give the plot away, so you can read about it on Amazon if you want. But I will say that with over 1,000 pages, it's the longest book I've ever read and I couldn't put it down. I've been waiting and waiting to forget enough of it to read it again and that's just what I plan to do starting tomorrow! I looooooove this book!

NO NAME BOARD - If anything is worse than mysteriously missing pencils, it's papers with no name! Come on people, haven't you been doing this since kindergarten? Next week I am making this no name board or a variation of it. If they insist on forgetting their names, at least I'll have a cute spot to display the papers.

TPT's BACK TO SCHOOL SALE - Last but not least, I'll be shopping for some awesome resources during the big sale (and hopefully selling some too!). I've got a long list of things I want to buy, especially clip art and science stuff. I'm pretty sure I'll accomplish this part of my to-do list!

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