Back to School... Getting Ready

They say time goes by faster as you get older. If you're a teacher, time goes by faster as the weather gets hotter. It's a strange phenomenon that I like to call the "Evil Summer Time Warp". Can it possibly be the end of July already? Come on, people!!

Okay, okay, so I need to do a little back-to-school planning. Have you ever seen the show Doomsday Preppers? Well that's normally what I'm like by late July.... a little bit overzealous and slightly crazy and misguided.  Instead of planning for the immediate and probable future, I start worrying about what I'll do next March when my class has spring fever.  I could probably have my own show called...

I'm really going to try to focus on actual back-to-school stuff this year. So, here it is... 5 things I'm doing THIS WEEK to get ready, announced publicly so I actually have to do them...

  •  HORSE Folders - Last year I used a variation of Christina Bainbridge's HORSE folders. I added a few extras like a vinyl pocket for test papers and other things I need parents to see and also a data section for student to track their progress on standards. THIS WEEK I will buy sticker labels and print them for my folders. If you don't know about Christina's folders, you can check them out here.
  • Back to School Letter - Normally I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to craft the perfect letter to parents. The one from the previous year never seems to suffice. But this year, THIS WEEK, I will write my letter and get it done quickly. Want to know why? Because I'm looping with my class and that means they already know all of my rules and procedures. Woo-hoo! My letter will be a brief welcome back and reminder about a few things. Done!
  •  Nails - That's right, as in fingernails. THIS WEEK I am getting my nails done. This counts, you know. You can't start school with bad nails and mine are bad! All this stress I've had trying to sell one house and buy another has ruined my manicure. This must be remedied before school starts!
  •  School Night Dinners - I'm sure I'll be revisiting this topic throughout the year because it's my personal nemesis. I can never seem to figure out dinner. I don't plan ahead and then I end up getting take-out way more often than any respectable person should. So THIS WEEK I am going to compile a list of easy to make dinners, crock pot recipes, and freezer meals. I'm going to start here with my personal hero of the kitchen... The Pioneer Woman: Freezer Cooking!
  • Meet the Teacher - Unlike my usual back-to-school letter that takes weeks for me to craft, I put absolutely no thought into Meet The Teacher day. In fact, I normally arrive at school that morning in total shock that people will be coming into my room and appalled that my fellow teachers have laid out lovely spreads of cookies and juice and cute little goodie bags. But not this year, no sir! The wonderful thing is that these people have actually already met me numerous times (looping, remember), so they won't be surprised when I'm ill-prepared. However, THIS WEEK I am printing out all the cute little meet-the-teacher signs I made. I think the parents might faint when they see how organized I appear. It will be an illusion, but shocking nonetheless. Take a look...


So, that's what I have planned for THIS WEEK. Whew, I better get started!  Please link up your back-to-school preparation blog post below!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your back to school to do list!
    Enjoy getting your nails done and make sure to pick a cheery colour!
    Best wishes,
    The Third Grade Zoo

  2. thank you very much for making this linky party possible! it is very necessary specially at this time of the year! hugs from Hernan!

  3. Janet,
    Thank you so much for hosting the BACK TO SCHOOL linky party. I just wrote an article on how making students feel comfortable and part of a family is so important! TeacherKarma.com
    Best wishes!
    Jen Bradshaw

  4. I feel like my back to school list never ending, thanks for reminding me I'm not alone.


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