My Year in Review

Wow, less than an hour left of 2013! The older I get, the faster time goes by. Just another thing my mother was right about. So, as my husband and I sit here waiting for the ball to drop, I'm thinking about all of the good things that happened this year and a few things I'm still hoping for. I've settled on five of each to share...

Good Things:
  •  an awesome group of second graders (that I'm hoping to loop with)
  •  a new, super comfy couch that more than two people can fit on
  •  a successful TpT business
  •  learning to make bread
  •  a healthy family

Still Hoping For:
  •  to finish my on-going, never-ending kitchen project (more about that later)
  •  to find just ONE book my 5th grader will read
  •  to lose 5 pounds, just 5... and maybe stop eating donuts and other bad things
  •  to get back to my vegetable gardening
  •  to plant an orange tree that doesn't die within 6 months

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